Pregnancy Update!

Hi readers!

I’ve missed you all! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while, but my schedule has become so busy lately and I’m trying to reorganize my schedule to make sure that I post more frequently.

So I wanted to update you all on the little growing baby in my belly. She will be here soon and we are so excited. She will be my only Summer baby, so buying stuff for her has been a little different for me. I keep looking for Winter clothing, and then I have to remember that she will be here in the Summer! It has been fun though. I bought her a very cute outfit for her 1st 4th of July on You can click here to check it out. I have had so much fun shopping for her.

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and baby girl is the size of an Acorn Squash. She is about 15 inches long and roughly 2.5 lbs. Wow!!! she’s plumping up. I’m ready to get a glimpse of her during my 3D/4D Ultrasound in a few weeks.

My Third Trimester Symptoms are:

  • Feeling swollen
  • Tired
  • Mild back aches
  • Nesting-I want everything ready now!
  • Itchy skin as my belly expands more and more
  • excitement and anxiousness


Are any of you in your third trimester of pregnancy? If you are please share how you are feeling.

Until Next Time XOXO

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Surprise Announcement!!!!

Hello Readers!!!

I have a special announcement to share with all of you!!!

As the end of 2017 came to a close, and my youngest child turned 1 year old, I felt just a little bit closer to having some more ME time. So as the days went by I realized that there was a change I was experiencing, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to believe the change that was happening.

I finally decided that I had to face this reality and I had to accept this new journey and adventure. Although I was a little scared, I was also filled with joy because this is something that my husband and I always talked about but we didn’t really know how quickly it would happen.

So without further delay…… husband and I are expecting a Baby Girl this Summer!!!


We made our announcement to our family and close friends and everyone is extremely excited for us and they are eager to meet the new baby. I’ve also been thinking about having a home birth this time around. Has anyone experienced a home birth before, please reply in the comments and let me know. Please also let me know if there are any pregnancy related info that you would like me to post:)

Until Next Time XOXO

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My 1st Experience at Disney on Ice

Hello Readers!

My oldest daughter just turned 7 and my husband and I were thinking about an exciting way to celebrate her 7th birthday.

As we searched around, we found an upcoming show that was coming to a city near us. It was Disney on Ice-Follow Your Heart. I immediately knew that my daughter would absolutely love to see a show like this.

To say that the show was amazing is an understatement. We had an amazing time! We surprised her once we actually got into the venue. She had no idea and she was in extreme excitement when she walked in and saw all the Disney characters.

During each performance I would glance over at her from the corner of my eye and I was filled with joy. She was in complete amazement, watching her favorite characters with so much talent, performing on ice skates.

There were times where she smiled, screamed and even jumped up and down in happiness.

My parenting style does not involve only giving my children material items. That is why I’ve decided to celebrate their birthdays with experiences that they will remember forever. It is also important for me to spend quality time with them. I know they grow up so fast, and that is why I cherish each day the Lord blesses me with them.

As a mother, I was reminded of how blessed I am to be her mother. I was really happy to see my daughter have so much fun and really enjoy herself, so I just had to share this experience with all of you.

XOXO Until next time!

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Holiday Outfits for Children

Hello readers!

In my previous post, My 4 favorite holiday outfits, I listed a few of MY favorite outfits for the holidays. This post is kind of a part 2 post and it is a list of holiday outfits for children. My children love to dress up and they actually do a pretty good job choosing their holiday outfits. I found a few that I really like, so hopefully they will like these too:)

Children Holiday Outfits (these can be found on


Please share some of the fashion inspiration you have for your children.

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Christmas with My Children

Hello readers!

Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m trying something new with participating in “blogmas,” but since I missed my December 1st post, I’ve decided to publish two post today. I hope you enjoy!


“Tis’ the season” as many people say, and my children have been making there Christmas list and we have all of our Christmas decorations set up.

However, this year I have decided to do something different with my children, for the Christmas holiday. I have told them that this year is more about giving to others, than receiving.

We usually gather their Christmas list from them and buy most of the toys they ask for. This year I just felt that doing something different would have a greater impact on their lives. They are a bit older now and can understand how helping others is more fulfilling than always thinking of themselves.

So I decided to do the following:

  1. Buy them something they NEED-for example (clothes, Pjs, shoes)
  2. Buy them 2 items they WANT-(from their Christmas list)
  3. Let them choose 3 items to give to other children– Donate to Toys for Tots Community Toy Drive
  4. Choose a local charity- to participate in serving food to those in need

Please share some of your holiday traditions you have and how you celebrate Christmas with your children.

XOXO! Until next time!

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Fall Activities with My Family

Hello readers!

Oh my! I know I have been gone for a while. There has been so much going on that I have neglected my blog :'(, but I am back now!!!! I missed you all.



So as I’ve said so many times, I LOVE FALL!!! and I think my children notice how much I love fall too. They have been so excited about baking and they are begging to make all things pumpkin.

I’ve been watching the Food Network channel and searching Pinterest (of course!!!) for inspiration for fun DIY crafts, family outings, and baking goods that I want to make with the little ones. Of course they want to make everything in one day, but momma bear has to spread these family activities up.

Here is my list:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Make pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake (although my husband won’t eat it)
  3. Make and decorate fall themed cupcakes
  4. Make and decorate fall themed cookies
  5. Visit and Apple/Pear Orchard
  6. Spiritual themed pumpkin carving
  7. Make a wreath for the front door
  8. Cook apple chips
  9. Take fall family photos

Feel free to share the things you want to do with your family this fall season.

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Happy September and Happy Saturday!!!

This weekend marks the first weekend of the homeschooling school year for my two oldest children.

This year I am teaching my 1st grader and  4th grader, and so far the 1st week has gone by smoothly. I am anticipating this to be a great and fun year. I have been looking over the projects for this year and I think I may be more excited then my children are.

I don’t know if any of you are homeschooling your children (please let me know if you are) but the transition from public school to homeschooling has been both challenging and fulfilling.

When I first became a mother, I never thought about homeschooling my children. I thought it would be extremely difficult to do and I also did not know anyone who homeschooled their children, at that time. But once I took the leap to try it out, it definitely proved beneficial for me and for my children.

I am able to spend a lot of time with them, give them the help they need, and just be involved in their early stages of learning.

I look forward to this school year and I will make sure to share their completed projects with all of you.

Until next time! Enjoy this holiday weekend:)