7 Easy Ways to Reach Your Savings Goals

Hello Readers!

As we continue in the 2nd month of 2018, I’ve been thinking about the best ways to save money. When I created my vision board, I included a picture about saving more money this year, and so far I’ve been doing a good job. The only thing that I’ve noticed is that I haven’t actually set out a plan for saving. I’ve just been more cautious with my spending. I was able to come up with a few easy ways to help me save this year, and I want to share my suggestions with all of you.

-7 Easy Ways to Reach Your Savings Goals-

  1. Skip your normal Morning coffee or drive thru breakfast

(Based on a five-day work week)-By brewing your own coffee at home or making your breakfast at home, you could save about $15 per week and about $700 yearly.

    2. Cook More Meals at Home

Nowadays restaurant prices have increased and most restaurants will cost you $15 and up per person. If you are able to skip dinner out once a week, you could put $780 or more back into your bank account.

 3. Pack Your Own Lunch

Although the television ads make fast food look delicious, you can save more money by packing your own lunch. Your meals will be healthier also. (Based on a five-day work week)-By packing your own lunch, you could save about $35 per week and about $1680 yearly. Wow!!! not that’s amazing.

   4. Wash Your Own Car

It always seems more convenient to sit in your car and go through a car wash, but even going to the car wash once a month could cost anywhere from $10 to $25 per wash. By washing your own car, you could save about $150 per year and you get a little bit of exercise too.

   5. Share Babysitting Duties with Close Trustworthy Friends

I think most mothers know that the average babysitter rate is about $10 an hour. We also know that date nights with our husbands/spouse is important too, but even just a few hours out on a date could cost about $30 per month. So I recommend talking with some of your close friends that also have children, and make a plan to take on babysitter duties for one another, when you need to get some much needed quality time out. This could save you about $500 a year.

6. Sign up with Money Saving Apps

I was recently introduced to some money saving apps by @melanintaught and I already foresee the many benefits. The new app that I signed up with is called DOSH. If you haven’t already signed up with this app, I highly recommend it. This app actually pays you to book hotels, shop & eat. Once you download the app using my unique link and add your debit/credit card, they’ll give you $5. How awesome is that? Visit the site to download the app at (click here) (message me if you have any specific questions and I’ll be happy to answer your questions)

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.51.58 PM

   7. Do Home Exercises or Run at a Nearby Park Instead of Buying a Gym Membership

Statistics show that 54 million people in the U.S. pay a monthly fee for a gym membership but more than 1/2 of those people never use their membership. By doing at home workouts or exercising/running at a local park, you could save about $520 yearly.

—–By following these simple suggestions, you can save roughly $4310 this year. Now who doesn’t want to put over $4000 back in their bank account? I know that I’m dedicated to following these suggestions and I will share my updates with all of you in the next few months—-

Leave a comments and share your thoughts and your money saving tips.

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(Disclaimer: I am in no way a financial advisor. I am just here to give my thoughts and suggestions on saving money. There is no guarantee that these 7 steps will work for everyone.)

Turning 30!!!

Hello Readers!!!

I am really excited that my 30th birthday is right around the corner, on the 15th. Yes, I know I was almost a Valentine’s Day baby!!!

As this special milestone is fast approaching, I’ve been reflecting on how much the Lord has blessed me through these years. I have grown as a person in the last 10 years and I never really thought that this age would come so quickly. I’m going to embrace every moment and celebrate as much as my baby bump will allow.

At first I was sad, but now I feel that a new chapter is beginning and there are so many opportunities ahead. I have done my reflecting and a little bit of planning for the next 10 years, so I am ready to get this thing started. I am filled with inspiration, confidence, and faith that my dreams and goals will happen for me as I approach this new phase in life.

Leave a comment if you’re turning 30 this year!!!


Until Next Time XOXO

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Beautiful Reads Book Club

Hello Readers!

As I created my 2018 Vision Board a few weeks ago, I listed a goal of starting a book club. I wanted to set a new goal for myself to read more this year.

When I was a child I always loved to read and I actually received many reading awards while in school. Books were just so amazing to me, but as I got older, I found myself reading less and less. I could never find the time to read or I just didn’t really know the type of book I wanted to read.

Know that I have found so many inspirations, my love for reading has returned and I am so excited. The first book that I want to read this year is called The Women Code. I’m actually inviting some of the ladies in my circle to join me in reading this book in the month of February. I named my book club “Beautiful Reads” because I feel that reading is a beautiful thing and there is so much inspiration, imagination, and learning that comes from reading.

I purchased the book from Amazon.com(you can purchase the book by clicking this link or by clicking a picture of the book cover below). This book has 5 different sections titled The Personal Codes, The Emotional Codes, The Spiritual Codes, The Professional Codes, and The Relational Codes. We will read one section a week and speak about the book in a group setting at the end of each week. The last section will be reviewed all together during our last meeting. Please reach out to me if you would like to join me in reading this book next month.

I am so excited to start this new book club and I’m excited to see what we learn from The Women Code.


Until Next Time XOXO

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Hosting a Vision Board Party-2018


Hello Readers!

So I officially hosted my 1st Vision Board Party/Event a few weeks ago and it was amazing. All of the ladies who attended expressed to me that they had a great time and they were inspired by the event.

I want to share with you all, the steps I took in planning this event.


I made sure to make the process of sending out invitations as simple as possible and sent out the invitations via text. I used an invitation app and created a really nice invitation.


  • I then chose the food I wanted to serve. I selected to have simple serving foods (salad, raw veggies, and fruit) and one of my friends also made some delicious Alfredo and Pesto Pasta. The food was simple and the ladies were able to eat and work on their boards. If you plan on hosting a vision board party this year you can supply the food, as I did, or you can make it a pot luck and have everyone bring a dish.


  • My next step was to buy all of the supplies. I decided to supply my guest with the supplies, but you can also ask your guest to bring some supplies as well. The usual supplies that are needed are, poster boards, magazines, stickers, card stock, glue, tape, markers, and pens.


  • I also decided to purchase small gifts to give to each guest as a Thank You! I purchased small notepads and pencils and also included a special thank you card, thanking them for sharing the experience with me.


  • Lastly I found a few ice breaker games to make everyone comfortable and to get everyone’s mind on envisioning their future and how great this year will be for them. We played a game where I supplied index cards with phrases/sentences that each guest had to finish. For example the phrases/sentences were: My dream vacation is…., My best childhood memory is…., My favorite desert is….,I don’t like it when…..ect. This game was interesting and we all learned something new about one another. We also played Give Yourself a Point, and Pass the Gift. At the beginning of event, I had the ladies introduce themselves and share something that they accomplished in 2017. This part of the event was very inspiring.

After everyone finished their vision boards, we all shared our boards with one another. It was interesting to see how many entrepreneurs we have in our group and how ambitious we all are as young women.

I chose to hang my completed vision board in my home office so that I am able to look at it everyday, several times a day, to keep me focused and inspired. I make sure to pray over each of my goals/visions daily and I also pray for the goals/visions of the ladies who participated in my event.

All in all, the event was a success and I am so excited to see how my numbers grow next year!!!


****I also made a special announcement during my event, that I will be sharing with all of you very soon****

Until Next Time XOXO

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5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board


Hello Readers!

Happy New Year to everyone!

After starting this blog in August 2017, it has been a challenge for me to set a posting schedule. Considering that I work 40+ hours a week, I’m a wife, and a homeschooling mother of 4, it’s been difficult finding the time.

So as I pondered about how I can make this dream of mine really work, I thought! what better way to organize my 2018 goals,  than to create a vision board? I immediately got excited! I talked to my friend and blogger @melanintaught  , and asked her if she would be interested in making her own vision board, and she responded, “I would love to!” That’s when I knew that this idea was a good idea!

My plan is to gather a few ladies from the church I attend, as well as some colleagues of mine, to have a casual ladies meeting to share our dreams and goals for this year and for everyone to create their own 2018 vision boards.


Here are 5 reasons to create a vision board:

1. You make a daily visual of your dreams/goals for the year 

By writing down or selecting pictures to match your dreams/goals, you visually see them everyday. This inspires you to keep pushing forward everyday and it gives you the drive you need to accomplish that dream and/or goal.

2. It makes you think about what you really want to accomplish

Creating a vision board gets your mind thinking about what you really want to accomplish this year. It forces you to go beyond casual thinking and focus on your goals and aspirations.

3. Vision boards are fun

Creating a vision board is a fun stress-free way to unload your deepest inspirations, without the thought of the idea being right or wrong. There is no need to make sure everything is aligned and in a perfect space. Just have fun putting it all together and if you decide to do this in a group, enjoy sharing your dreams/goals with others.

4. Vision boards will get you really excited about the coming year!

As I wrote at the beginning, just thinking about creating a vision board made me really excited. It gives you an opportunity to uncloud your mind, with all of the new things you want to accomplish this year, and you’re able to visually see everything written down. It give you the feeling that ANYTHING is possible if you truly believe and you are willing to put in the work.

I really hope you all create a vision board this year!!!

I also wanted to provide you with the supplies you may need:

  • poster board (large or small), cork board, or even a journal
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • colorful markers and/or pens
  • stickers
  • print outs of quotes you love and quotes that truly inspire your vision
  • glue

Remember to leave a comment and share your ideas!

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XOXO Until Next Time


My 2017 Christmas Wish List


Hello readers!

Since I’m a newbie blogger, I have only recently herd about “Blogmas,” but once I started reading about it, I instantly got inspired. I feel that it may be challenging, but there is so much to write about as the end of the year approaches. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a try. So here we go, this is my 1st blogmas post!

These are some of the items that I would really love to get on Christmas morning. Now I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get these things, I just want to share my list with all of you and give you all an opportunity to share your Christmas list too!

2017 Christmas Wish List

  1. Cannon EOS Rebel T7i Camera
  2.  Moonlight Fragrance-Arianna Grande
  3. Coach Fragrance
  4. Photography Soft Boxes
  5. Ugg Boots (brown, black, tan)
  6. Makeup and nail polish

XOXO! Until next time!

Remember to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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Be Confident, You Are Awesome


I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I am my biggest critic.

When I have an idea, it takes me some time to really have the confidence to speak about it or act on it.

Side note: I’ve been desiring to start a blog for the last five years, and I’m finally doing it now!!!

These self doubt thoughts make me think about something I herd someone say before, “You are kind of awesome!” This phrase is similar to the popular phrase, “I’m kind of a big deal!”

So when I feel doubt about an idea or even in my work, I just tell myself. “You are kind of awesome!”

I know it may be difficult at times to speak positive things over ourselves, but it is beneficial and helps increase our confidence.

I am a strong believer in confidence and loving yourself before falling in love with someone else. When you love yourself, there is nothing negative anyone can do to you or say too you that can change how you feel about yourself.

Now I have not always felt this way. This was something I had to learn, once I accepted the thought and feeling, my life truly changed.

Before I had the confidence and before I began to truly love being me, I found myself in an unhealthy relationship, several years back.

I experienced this unhealthy relationship over a span of 3 years, which ultimately changed my life and my outlook on life. I went through things that I never imagined I would have to go through and I believe this happened because I let someone else determine who I was and what I was worth.

I can say that I learned from that experience, and I am at a place now where I love myself, I have found the one I love, and I know my life purpose.

I want to encourage all of you to increase your confidence and know that you are awesome and you are beautiful. There is no one that can take that away from you!


Until next time!