My New Fashion Obsession

Hello Readers! I have found a new fashion inspiration for purchasing shoes! Although this website/company I will be sharing with all of you also sells clothes and accessories, they are best known for their shoes. One day I was searching the internet for a particular shoe I was looking for and I came across a … Continue reading My New Fashion Obsession

My 4 Favorite Holiday Outfits

Hello readers! As the season approaches for Christmas holiday parties with co-workers, friends and family, finding the right outfit is sometimes challenging. We all want to look glamorous, but at the same time being comfortable is important. There are so many options to choose from so I wanted to narrow down my list of favorite … Continue reading My 4 Favorite Holiday Outfits

Fall 2017 Scarves

Hello readers!!!! So this fall season, adding a scarf to your outfit can be an easy way to accessorize. Scarves come in many different lengths, material, and colors. There are also different ways to tie/wear a scarf, that can really finish off your look. I have provided a sample of some scarves that I really … Continue reading Fall 2017 Scarves

How to Layer for Fall

Hi readers! Happy Labor Day to all of you! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday! As I sat here and looked through the store ads that I received in the mail, I noticed all of the fall advertising and I just began to get excited!!! I know I have said this before, but … Continue reading How to Layer for Fall

Fall Fashion 2017 Wishlist

My mini Fall 2017 Wishlist! Hi ladies! I just want to share that Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the fall colors so much!!! Chunky sweaters, leggings, boots, scarves, or even a pretty maxi dress make me really excited. The weather on the West Coast is also very nice and refreshing. … Continue reading Fall Fashion 2017 Wishlist