My 5 Beauty Must Haves for Winter

Hello Readers! Here in SoCal, we are starting to get some cooler weather! The weather has fluctuated so much that the feeling of cold weather is a relief. As many of you may know, the cooler weather means less moisture. I have decided to stock up on some of my winter favorites (just a few), … Continue reading My 5 Beauty Must Haves for Winter

My Hair Mishap

Hi ladies! So last week I went to the salon to get my hair done. I went in asking for rose gold balayage but..........let's just say it was a disaster. My hair was literally a mixture of purple, red, gold, yellow and orange. As I washed my hair a few more times, the color faded … Continue reading My Hair Mishap

My Beauty Basics

Hi ladies! Here are a few makeup items that I use to get a natural look. Since I am a mommy to 4 little ones, I need something that is quick but still makes me look like a didn't just roll out of bed. I buy most of these makeup items from Ulta, which I … Continue reading My Beauty Basics